Cut Glass Candle Holder, 13.5″H, CLEAR
Cut Glass Candle Holder, 13.5Cut Glass Candle Holder, 13.5

Cut Glass Candle Holder, 13.5″H, CLEAR

CandlesLane large number of home perfume items by Home Decorators CollectionIt mightnot be more straightforward to produce a fascinating light. This glass candle holder is fantastic for the absolute remarkable and most stylish show. Purchase fresh home decoration today. Clear end. Made of glass. Real dimension is 13.5″H
look for greatest rates and Home Decorators Collection highest quality! 13.5″H: 13.5″ x 4″ size. 15.5″H: 15.5″ x 4″ size. Scented Candles by Home Decorators Collection, Candles
Cut Glass Candle Holder, 13.5\”H, CLEAR
UPC: 887060047233
Manufacturer: Home Decorators Collection
Model: 0732400420
Size: 13.5″H
Color: CLEAR

Retail Price: $18.00
Price:$ 11.99
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