Archipelago Monogram – W (Wisteria  Hyacinth) Candle

Archipelago Monogram – W (Wisteria Hyacinth) Candle

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Make it individual this christmas with your Archipelago Botanicals Monogram Candle Collection. The letter it self provides a sign of the primary oil mixture that waits inside. Each candle I hand-poured using a specific soy polish mix and packed in an attractive souvenir, monogrammed package. The glassware for your candles will also be beautifully monogrammed. Available in various smells and characters. Z and X unavailable. Each offered separately.
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11 oz.
Soy polish, glass & crystal knob
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Archipelago Monogram – W (Wisteria Hyacinth) Candle
UPC: 755167018374
Manufacturer: Archipelago Botanicals

Price:$ 29.95
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