Calypso Mirrored Candle Holder, 52″Hx19″Wx5″D, GOLD
Calypso Mirrored Candle Holder, 52Calypso Mirrored Candle Holder, 52

Calypso Mirrored Candle Holder, 52″Hx19″Wx5″D, GOLD

CandlesLane large number of home perfume items by Home Decorators CollectionInclude lighting and level for your wall decoration with this Mirrored Candle Holder that is Calypso. All of the eight pedestals of this hanging candle holder includes a fire-formed reflection background, and each reflection is presented in gold- metal that is finished. This reflection candle holder can make an impact that is dramatic on an wall or inside your entrance. Contains eight 3″ size candles. Includes for holding keyhole. Real dimension is 52″Hx19″Wx5″DEB
look for greatest rates and Home Decorators Collection highest quality! 52″H X – 19″WATTS x 5″DEB. Scented Candles by Home Decorators Collection, Candles
Calypso Mirrored Candle Holder, 52\”Hx19\”Wx5\”D, GOLD
Manufacturer: Home Decorators Collection
Size: 52″Hx19″Wx5″D
Color: Gold

Price:$ 180.00
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