Driftwood Lantern, ROUND, NATURAL
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Driftwood Lantern, ROUND, NATURAL

CandlesLane large number of home perfume items by Home Decorators CollectionLittle bits of natural driftwood criss-cross round our Driftwood Lantern’s glass storm. This excellent pad-design lantern holds one 3″ size candle. Obtainable in two designs. not, although may be used outdoors weather-resistant. Real dimension is ROUND
look for greatest rates and Home Decorators Collection highest quality! Circular: 8″H x 7″ size. Rectangular: 8″H x 7″ square. High Round: 14″H x 8″ size. High Block: 14″H x 8″ square. Scented Candles by Home Decorators Collection, Candles
Driftwood Lantern, ROUND, NATURAL
Manufacturer: Home Decorators Collection
Color: Natural

Retail Price: $21.00
Price:$ 13.99
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