Febreze Candle, Cranberries  Frost, 5.5 oz

Febreze Candle, Cranberries Frost, 5.5 oz

CandlesLane large number of house perfume items by FebrezeWith Febreze Candles, the way cans light to long lasting quality in virtually any space of one’s house. Because it burns removing difficult scents for example food, dog, and smoking scents an inviting shine and satisfying fragrance is released by the fire. An ideal supplement to platforms, counters, rooms, mantels. Febreze Candles enhance any decoration and impress your house with warm, calming freshness.; Febreze Candles launch warm, comforting quality that continues for countless hours; Eradicate difficult odors as they burn, departing a pleasant fragrance; Enhance any decoration while removing dog, toilet, cooking smells, and much more; ideal for counters, platforms, mantels, or wherever you have a clean-scented shine; Removes difficult odors so that theyare eliminated permanently; Obtainable In a number of fresh smells and dimensions
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Febreze Candle, Cranberries Frost, 5.5 oz
UPC: 037000264101
Manufacturer: Procter Gamble Household
Color: Red

Price:$ 11.00
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