Mountain Lake, Cool Water, Sand  Sea – Scented Melts “Refreshing Waters” 3-pack set from Sunrise Scents

Mountain Lake, Cool Water, Sand Sea – Scented Melts “Refreshing Waters” 3-pack set from Sunrise Scents

CandlesLane big variety of home fragrance products by Sunrise Scents CandlesFrom the cool water of a large alpine lake to the warm sandy beaches of the ocean, this 3-pack delivers! Mountain Lake Scented Melts is really a clear, refreshing, strong scent, however never overpowering. Continue the fresh and clear theme with Cool Water Scented Melts- a blend of cool acid finishing with hints of fresh basil. Feel the Sand & Sea on the feet and the unmistakable odor of the a sultry breeze on your face. Sea & sand Scented Melts includes special orange flower, lemony citrus, fresh lavender, concluding with a heavy, powdery musk. The mountains and sea is actually a thousand miles away but your house or office may smell like they truly are just outside the screen with The “Relaxing Waters” Scented Melts 3-pack from Sunrise Scents.

About Sunrise Scents Scented Melts – Produced from traditional waxes, added with traditional tactics. Highly scented Sunrise Scents Scented Wax Melts produce fantastic scent longevity and throw when powered in a tart warmer. Sunrise Scents Candles – Hand-mixed quality since 2004. Shop for Sunrise Scents Candles best quality and best rates! Classic Paraffin wax
Premium Scented
Flameless fragrance
6 split-away cubes
12-18 hrs of scent per cube
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Mountain Lake, Cool Water, Sand Sea – Scented Melts \”Refreshing Waters\” 3-pack set from Sunrise Scents
UPC: 609722180221
Manufacturer: Pinnacle Mfg

Retail Price: $14.99
Price:$ 11.85



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