Seascape Wax Pottery Bowl
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Seascape Wax Pottery Bowl

CandlesLane large number of home fragrance items by Habersham Candle CompanyAll wax pottery containers are independently designed with organic botanicals and highly fragranced wax in Atlanta to savor like a home feature that is pretty. Beach lawn and covers are inserted in a fragrant bowl. Made to launch fragrance that was distinctive without using. These wax containers could be buffed to keep their fragrance for over annually. Like an attractive bowl for potpourri, utilize it next. They’re 7 ins in size and 3 inches high and are available in a raffia- . Look for greatest rates and Habersham Candle Company highest quality! Fragrance without using! Secure around animals young children and aged
Produced In seaside lawn and the united states
Actual seashells inserted in wax
Potpourris, Home Fragrance by Habersham Candle Company
Seascape Wax Pottery Bowl
Manufacturer: n/a
Color: Green

Price:$ 24.97
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