Deco Glow MM Topper Jar Green Candle
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Deco Glow MM Topper Jar Green Candle

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M&M’s candy sweets, the chocolate that melts in the mouth area not in your hand, would be the inspiration for the whimsical M&M’s candle collection. The very first thing you’ll notice about the green M&M topper jar is its expressive green M&M, filled with gloves and shoes, that doubles as a pleasant design component and ‘manage’ to get rid of the glass top. The rich green candle attributes the tarty pear fragrance, which includes the intoxicating fragrance of fresh kiwi, anjou pear, kumquat, rome apple, guava nectar, and mandarin with suggestions of sour quince, tamarind, and lily of the valley.
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Soy polish blend
Poured within the usa
Tarty pear scent
9-Ounce Candle
45-hour burn up time
Novelty Candles, Specialty Candles by DecoGlow
Deco Glow MM Topper Jar Green Candle
UPC: 047223443399
Manufacturer: Global Products Resources-Home Decor
Model: 44339

Price:$ 49.95
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