Carthage Pierced Lantern, 11″CURVED, WHITE
Carthage Pierced Lantern, 11Carthage Pierced Lantern, 11

Carthage Pierced Lantern, 11″CURVED, WHITE

CandlesLane large number of home perfume items by Home Decorators CollectionThis creatively-designed ceramic lantern supplies a gentle shine of sunshine that illuminates any space. The style that is pierced provides the cutwork routine and also design brings personality and consistency for the decoration of your space. Obtainable in numerous dimensions, you are able to all spot them smartly around an area just for the best quantity of lighting and elegance. Purchase them today. Designed of porcelain. Include decades of elegance for your home. Real dimension is 11″BENT
look for greatest rates and Home Decorators Collection highest quality! Little high: 11″ x 5″ size. Big high: 14″ x 5″ size. Little bent: 11″H x 8″ size. Big bent: 15″ x 9″ size. Scented Candles by Home Decorators Collection, Candles
Carthage Pierced Lantern, 11\”CURVED, WHITE
Manufacturer: Home Decorators Collection
Size: 11″CURVED
Color: WHITE

Retail Price: $29.00
Price:$ 23.00
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