Habersham 4″ Sphere… Cinnamon Bark Fragrence
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Habersham 4″ Sphere… Cinnamon Bark Fragrence

CandlesLane large number of house perfume items by Wax Pottery Sphere CollectionHot scents of clove and cinnamon bark are smashed right into a woodsy natural foundation of balsam fir, spruce needles.
An ideal mixture of inexperienced and hot! Look for greatest rates and Wax Pottery Sphere Collection highest quality! 4″ Sphere
Scented Candles, Candles by Wax Pottery Sphere Collection
Habersham 4\” Sphere… Cinnamon Bark Fragrence
UPC: 804763021025
Manufacturer: Habersham Candle Company, Cornelia, GA

Price:$ 31.42
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